Website maintenance

Fix Website Bugs

We fix existing back-end and front-end errors

Are you experiencing issues when you log into the WordPress editor? Is your website losing some of its original front-end functionalities? Website errors can have a strongly negatif effect on sales and cause your business to lose reputation with existing and potential clients.

Errors either on the back-end or the front-end will inevitably appear over time on any website. This is because the underlying technologies are being changed over time and what used to work a year or even a few months ago may have become obsolete, unavailable, or simply require a settings adjustment in order to continue to function properly. 

Optimize Website Performance

We update and optimize your website for better search engine ranking and user experience

Did you know that the average user today expects your website to load in under 3 seconds and will move on if it doesn't? Is your website slow to load pages ot perform certain operations?

Website performance is critical for increasing user retention and conversion to sales. Furthermore, search engines like Google understand how important website performance is to their users, and will rank your website lower if you website is slow to load.

Scheduled Website Maintenance

Ensure undisturbed operations with continuous website maintenance

Do you make regular changes to the content on your website? Is your website relying on multiple plugins in order to function properly?

Not having your website maintained on schedule may be the underlying cause of an unexplained reduction in sales. Regular changes of the content on your website can create problems such as broken links to pages and ressources such as images and videos, or malfunctioning of the email sending capabilities of your webste causing communications from your clients through your website to get lost.

The more complucated your website is in terms of functionalities and the more changes you make on the fly, the greater the chance your website will require regular maintenance.

Website Maintenance Services

We offer WordPress website maintenance services either as a one-time repair and tune-up package or as a monthly-subscription scheduled-maintenance service. Don't wait to start losing sales because of a lousy website performance - hire us now to keep your website in a top-notch shape!

One-time website maintenance

With the one-time website maintenance, we get the existing errors on your website fixed, we do the necessary software and system updates, and we do a clean-up of your web-site's database in order to restore your website's performance to its original level. Prices for one-time website maintenance vary depending on the size of your website. Please, request a free quote and provide your website's URL along with detailed comments about the issues that you want to be fixed.

Scheduled web maintenance

We offer a subscription service for clients who want their website to be taken care of on regular basis. The scheduled web maintenance service we offer is for the technical part of the work, such as doing regular database clean-up, plugin updates, and restoring broken URLs. This does not include regular updating of product listings (i.e. on car dealership websites, online stores, and realtor websites).