Web Design Services

Today, there is a far greater chance that your potential customers will see your website for the first time on a mobile device while on the run than on a desktop computer. The wrong user experience can undermine your credibility, damage your brand and have a negative impact on your sales.

As a professional web design company, we design websites that provide a seamless user experience across platforms and devices. Designing a website that works well across platforms requires hard work and testing and goes far beyond choosing the right WordPress template. To drive sales, professional web development ensures that the website not only works on mobile but also loads fast and has the intended effect on the customer.

When it comes to SEO, starting on the right foot is crucial. If your website is not designed by a professional developer with SEO in mind, it stands no chance getting to the top of search results. Your competitors did not get to the top of Google search result pages by chance. SEO requires preparation, as well as continuous hard work in order to stay in the competition.

While designing your website, we do initial SEO which is comprised of a deep analysis using the most sophisticated tools available on the market today. We make sure that your website is ready for the race from the moment we submit it to Google and other search engines

If you are in business, Sales is the name of the game. If your website is not helping you increase your sales, it is because you do not take your business seriously.

Today, literally anyone with a basic computer literacy can put together a few web pages and call it a website. The difference between a website done by an amateur and a professionally developed website is that a professional website is designed to be effective in driving sales.

We leave nothing to chance when designing your website, from the images, fonts, and colors, to the Calls To Action (CTA). A lot of thought goes into designing a commercial website, and this process requires experience not only in manipulating code but also a sound understanding of consumer behavior and fundamental marketing and sales concepts.

Web Design and Development Services

We offer WordPress web design and development packages for clients in Montreal, Toronto, and the rest of Canada.

Web development for business

At TakeOffRoom, we do development for professionals and small and medium businesses. We give the professional look to your website combined with the user experience that is needed to help you build your credibility and reputation with your customers and drive sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our web design and development packages include initial On-Site SEO based on deep SEO analysis to make sure your website is SEO-ready by design. This includes a location-specific and industry-specific competitive-intelligence analysis and keyword analysis, to make sure that your website is optimized for high potential keywords that can bring high quality leads to your website. Additionally, we offer continuous Off-site SEO services that you can purchase after your website is developed in order to rank higher on Search Results Pages (SERPs). Usually, On-Site SEO alone is not going to rank your website high on SERPs, but it is an essential component and the basis of the SEO process.

Beware of companies claiming to do "SEO friendly" websites without stating what is understood by this term. Today, most WordPress templates are technically SEO friendly, which means that the developer doesn't have to do any additional work in order to claim that the website is "SEO friendly", but this alone will not place you high in SERPs. The hard work in On-Site SEO consists in doing a proper industry-specific and location-specific analysis with sophisticated SEO tools in order to optimize the website for keywords that actually have the potential to bring quality leads to your website.

Designs that work fluidly with the full range of devices used by your potential customers today

We make sure that your brand is well represented both on desktop computers and on mobile devices. We develop websites that are fast loading and provide a seamless user experience across devices.


We offer packages for bilingual websites in French and English. If you have customers in Quebec or you are planning to extend your market in the near future, it is essential that your website is translated in both languages.

Canadian quality

Web design is subjective. Different people from different countries are used to different looks and trends. A design that appears professional in Asia or even Europe can be seen as awkward and cost you your reputation in North America.

We make sure your design respects Canadian trends and standards, by doing all the work in-house in our Canadian offices.