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Quoting FAQ

How does the number of pages affect the price?

Generally speaking, the first pages cost the most per page.

A website with only five pages requires almost the same work in terms of setting up a layout design as a 20 plus page website.

This being said, if there are many different features across the website, the proportion of reusable layout elements becomes smaller, and the price per page will increase.

Why do you ask for example websites?

The reason we ask for an example website is to have a benchmark of your expectations when we build a quote.

Naturally, a feature-rich website will cost more to build than a more simplistic one. Cost can also increase depending on the amount of custom code that needs to be written for your website.

How does translating a website affect the price?

Having a website translated into more than one language can have a significant impact on the development and maintenance work involved.

Each page that is translated into more than one language exists in multiple versions. Whenever changes need to be made, those changes are made separately for each language version.

What if I only need some modifications done to my website?

Most of the time, modifications will cost as much as re-building the website from scratch.

The only way we can offer a lower quote for modifications is if you give us a very specific description of the modifications that are needed, so we can properly determine the amount to work involved.

What if I'm not sure how many pages my website will have?

Just give us an approximate number of pages based on a similar website you like, and we will provide the price per page for additional pages.