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TakeOffRoom serves customers requiring web design in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Our convenient location and free visitors parking on the South Shore, 40 minutes drive from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, will allow you to come to our office for the initial meeting and milestone meetings for web design projects, but it can all be done remotely if this way is more convenient for you and your team - we can set-up a conference calls either by phone or Skype.

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As a web design agency, TakeOffRoom is capable of understanding and adapting to your needs, no matter your industry. We can come up with a web design that is unique, trendy, and yet looks and feels like what people would expect from a leading company in your space. We can make sure that the pictures, the design features, and the functionalities integrated into your website are relevant to your business, lead to greater sales, and help you become a more efficient company.

We also offer digital marketing services that can be adapted to your needs. For example, we can offer different search engine optimization strategies and a combination of digital marketing campaigns depending on the competition level in your market, the type of customers you target, and the stage of development your business is in. For example, if you are a B2B company, the strategy that we would propose to you would not be the same as a digital marketing strategy that we would propose to a B2C company. The same goes for businesses depending on their size. While it could be appropriate for a large company to spread its marketing budget across many channels, a new business has to be more budget conscious and stick to a smaller number of marketing channels and methods that deliver the highest ROI with the smallest monthly budget possible.

Below, you can see more details on some of the web design features that we can integrate depending on your industry. For example, we can integrate appointment scheduling for medical clinics and dental centers, or inventory management for car dealerships and real estate agencies. The possibilities are endless, and it is all done using WordPress plus a little bit of custom code whenever it is required.

No matter the industry, we always develop websites that are adaptable to all devices so your users can have a seamless experience no matter from where they visit your website.

No matter your industry, we will help you connect your website to your social media pages, assist you with setting you your Google MyBusiness account and submit your website to search engines once it is completed.

medical clinic web design

Web design for medical clinics and physicians.

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dental center web design

Web design for dentists and dental centers.

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restaurant web design

Web design for restaurants and food.

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contractor web design

Web design for contractors.

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dealership websites

Web design for dealerships.

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accountants websites

Web design for accountants and financial service consultants.

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realtor websites

Web design for real estate agents.

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recruiter websites

Web design for recruiting agencies.

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travel agency websites

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mechanic websites

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