Logo Design

Your logo is where building your brand begins. The right logo will help your customers recognize your brand and ensure that you don't loose already acquired leads to competitors. 

If we are designing a new website for you, this is the perfect time to get a new logo as well. This will ensure that the visual aspects of the website and your brand's logo work well together and are correctly conveying the authenticity of your brand to your customers.

Your logo should tell your customers that you are different. Designing a logo that is different takes tame and coordinated efforts to analyze the brand images of your competitors and what your brand stands for versus theirs. Consider these facts when you select a logo designer. You will get what you pay for.

If we are developing a website for you, this is the perfect moment to have your logo designed by us, since we already do an analysis of your competitors.

Brand building starts with your logo, but it doesn't end there. Brands are built over time by exposing customers and leads to your brand image over and over again, either through paid advertising, direct contact or through other endless means. 

The sooner you get the logo that is right for your business, the less time and resources will be wasted on building an image that won't last.

Logo Design Services

If we are developing a website for you, and you think you might need a new logo, it is time to act. For clients in Montreal, Toronto, and elsewhere in Canada, we offer a logo design package including the following:

  • Develop three fundamentally different logo concepts
  • Have you select one of the three concepts and develop a final design using vector graphics software
  • Align your website's look with your new logo and integrate your new logo into your website

Coming up with the right concept

In order to come up with a concept, we do an exploratory study of your market and competition, as well as of the services and products you offer. We focus on what makes you different from your competitors, and we create logo concepts that are not unmemorable cliches, but something that is different and makes it easier for your clients to remember you.

Selecting the right color scheme

When it comes to color, there is theory and there is the reality of the market. When Pepsi chose to be blue, it was because Coca-Cola was already red! We combine color theory with an analysis of the market in order to make sure your logo at the same time stands out from the competition and conveys the right message.