Social Media Marketing SMM

Relevant Content

We find content to share that is relevent to your targeted audience

As TakeOffRoom founder K.D. shares in, it is important that you make sure you engage with potential clients on social media.

When you hire us ot manage your social media channels, we do not just post shares for the sake of sharing. We come up with a strategy that is focused on targeting your potential clients that are likely to convert to customers over time. If you are a local business, we will target primarely the local audience that may need your services.

Scheduled Posting

Your posts go out on a regular basis

Did you know that many prospective and current clients look at your company's social media posts only to gauge your credibility? Today, being on social media is not just about sales. There is an expectation that reputable businesses stay active on social media channels.

We help your business stay on top of its game by posting regularly on your company's pages.

Follower Growth

Grow your outreach to potential customers

Have you thought about purchasing something just to figure out in the last minute that the company doesn't have any followers on social media? Have you asked yourself what must be wrong with that company and moved on to one of their competitors?

Well, you guessed right - if your prospective customers look at your social media pages just to figure out that you have no followers, they may assume something's not right and move on. This doesn't mean you need thousands of followers or else you won't be making any sales, but it means you need some stable growth.

By managing your social media channels, we will generate follower growth and help you manage your online reputation.

Social Media Marketing Services

We offer social media campaign management services as a monthly subscription service.

We share content that is relevant to your customers

We will analyze your business and we will find content to share that is the most relevant to the demography and locations that you want to target. We will use both the correct hashtags and content in order to attract the right audience.

We do it on a regular basis

If you have already tried managing your business' social media pages, you may have figured out by now that posting regularly on social media is more easily said than done. By giving us the task of managing your social media channels, you will have more time to focus on what you do best.

Your reputation is safe with a growing number of followers

If you have tried growing your follower number on social media, you would have noticed that followers are fickle. Many will follow you one day just to unfollow you a couple of days or weeks later. This is a normal behavior across social networks. If are running a company page on a social network, your followers aren't your buddies - if you don't seem to provide any value for them, they will eventually unfollow you.

Regular and consistent posting on social media is virtually guaranteed to generate a net follower growth over time.