Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Research

Get the highest quality keywords for your AdWords campaign

Have you tried AdWords and wasted a ton of money without getting any results? Do your ads show-up for search queries that are completely irrelevant to what you are trying to sell? A proper keyword research is crucial in making sure that your advertising budget doesn't go to waste.

Finding the right list of keyords is not about what keywords you think people will use when searching for products and services that you offer - it is about what keywords they actually use.

Text Ads Editing

We manage your ads so that you pay less while generating more leads

Did you know that the relevance of your ads to the keywords you are targeting is a critical factor in the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) that you are paying to Google? If Google thinks that your ads are irrelevant to the content on your website and to the keywords you are targeting, the CPC you will be paying can become significantly higher than what your competitors are paying; ruining your changes to get a better ROI compared to your competition.

Conversion Optimization

We continuously optimize the performance of your campaign based on data and A/B testing

When creating ads, it is important to continuously run A/B testing in order to see what works and what doesnt and to keep improving your ROI. Not running regular A/B tests results in wasting money on underperforming ads and targeting settings.

Search Engine Marketing Services

We offer AdWords campaign management services as a monthly subscription service.

With this service we have helped clients with brand new websites generate leads from the very beginning while waiting for the SEO to kick-in. PPC advertising is often used as a supplement to SEO and other advertising methods to help boost sales.

We improve your list of keywords throughout the campaign

To find out the correct list of keywords for an AdWords campaign, professionals rely on sophisticated software and analysis based on experience. By combining accurate search data and experience, we are able to figure out the intent of users who search any particular keyword, which allows us to decide which keywords we should actually target and which ones we should stay away from. For example, if one of our clients is selling a service A, but half of the search queries related for that service are from Do-It-Yourself type of people, we will filter out the DIY audience in order to avoid wasting your budget on people who aren't willing to pay for the service, to begin with.

We do periodic A/B tests throughout the campaign

A/B tests include various parameters of your campaign - from the ads themselves to the targeted devices, market segmentation, etc. We periodically review the data from your ongoing campaign and decide what parameters we need to do A/B testing for, in order to improve the number and the quality of the leads your pay-per-click campaign is generating.

If the existing pages on your website aren't generating results even after several cycles of optimization, we will create landing pages specifically designed for your AdWords campaign, as needed, in order to achieve better conversion.