Email Marketing

Segmented Audience

Send targeted communcations to each group of subscribers

Do you have a message that you would like to send only to those customers that meet certain criterias? Email marketing can allow you to segment your subscribers in order to send special offers or communications only to a subgroup of customers.

Email marketing can be used as a semi-private channel that allows you to shield communications with certain valuable customers from the rest of the world. You want to test how a small group of customers would respond to a big discount on one of your products of services before you go full scale? You can do it using an email marketing campaign.

Automated Workflow

Mass-scale follow-up with a minumum amount of effort

Did you know that 80% of the time it takes five touchpoints to convert a lead to a customer? Did you also know that only 8% of sales people ever get to the fifth touch point? Email marketing is one of the available methods used in marketing that allow you to automate touchpoints and covert more leads to customers.

In today's digital world, where potential customers are bombarder with advertising communications from each side, your email marketing campaign has to stand out in order to succeed. Workflows must be extremely relevant and the emails and newsletters must offer real value. Otherwise, you will see your hard earned subscribers hitting the Unsubscribe link in droves.

LCV Growth

Grow Lifetime Customer Value

Even with social networks being so popular, companies have been successfully leveraging email marketing to increase LCV. With the ability to segment and create workflows that get executed automatically depending on each subscriber's actions, email marketing is offering some key benefits that simply aren't available on social media channels.

Through regular touchpoints that happen at the right moment according to a pre-designed workflow that depends on each individual subscriber's status, companies are able to leverage the power of mass-scale follow-up and make more sales with a minimum amount of effort.

Email Marketing Services

We offer email marketing campaign management services as a monthly subscription service. We will periodically analyze your needs and make the necessary adjustments to your campaign. Get back to doing what you do best, and let us tache charge of this task.

Custom email campaigns for your business

When you hire us to manage your newsletter marketing campaigns, we will design a custom campaign for you. This includes the design of the workflow and the emails themselves that the subscribers will receive.

An email marketing campaign allows your brand to stay on top of the mind of past, current, and prospective customers, therefore increasing the chances they will choose you for their next purchase. Along with Social Media, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase the Lifetime Customer Value of your existing customers. Unlike social media though, email marketing allows segmentation. You can divide your audience and create a special offer or targeted messages only for those existing and prospective customers that are the most valuable to you.