About TakeoffRoom™

The company

TakeoffRoom is a brand name of Progressive Tech Sol, a company based in the Greater Montreal Area.


Help businesses and professionals reach more clients who need their products and services. The goal is to ensure our client's strong online presence through developing modern and stylish websites and web applications.


Become the go-to provider for web development services for professionals, start-up businesses, and larger enterprises.


  • Develop solutions that meet our client's needs
  • On-time delivery
  • Building long-term client relationships

The Owner and President


Kiril Dimitrov

Kiril is a full-stack developer with a significant background in engineering, software development, and business management.

After obtaining a degree in Aerospace engineering from Polytechnique - University of Montreal and working for a large multinational aerospace company, Kiril pursued his studies in software engineering and marketing at McGill University and co-founded a tech startup in Montreal of which he was the president and Chief Technology Officer. At McGill, he had a chance to learn directly from top IT and marketing managers of companies such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Now, Kiril is taking on the engineering services industry as the founder and Developer in Charge at TakeOffRoom. He brings to the software services industry the top level standards in terms of quality and project management skills that are used for the most challenging engineering projects in world-class companies.